#danielaeats: cheese trickles

Of the many donut brands here in Manila today, Dunkin Donuts still stands to be my favourite. The munchkin bunch screams of my childhood and the meriendas, breakfasts and recess’ I look forward to having because I knew I was getting some Dunkin. Today I still love it and find it hard to resist a munchkin every time I see someone munching on it or when I pass a Dunkin Donuts stand.

The other day I had it for breakfast and found that there was a new flavour I never tried before: Cheese Trickles. According to the donut lady it was released just last year.

P1250003 - edited

P1250005 - edited

I didn’t get to see if they had the bigger donut size for this, but my titas and I got to try the munchkins and it reminded us of bite sized ensaymada. It was good, not too sweet and very cheesy. Unlike the Choco Honey Dip, I can’t have a lot of this in one sitting because the cheesy taste gets a bit tiring, so it would be best to have just a few of the Cheese Trickles and get other assorted flavours when you order your bunch.

Until next time #danielaeats!

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