diet for those who don’t want to diet

I am probably the last person to want to diet. Ever. I love eating so much, it’s sinful, especially when i’m stuffed and just can’t refuse a bag of chips or a slice of cake. Unfortunately, no matter how much I exercise, the food I eat and drinks I drink will always reflect somewhere (believe me, the bloating and jiggling doesn’t stop even if you’re not big). I always used to tell myself that I exercise to be able to eat what I want, but truth is you can never eat what you want if you’re determined to get the body that you dream to have. No amount of exercise alone can give you that, and you’ll have to do some work in the kitchen to be able to inch closer towards the dream.

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In the last few months I finally gave up the idea that I can eat and drink the world. I wouldn’t say that I’m actually dieting, but I’ve taken a few steps to eat better (for health reasons too) and cut down on the amount of food I take in. I’ve heard of several diet plans from different people and sometimes I try to take those in and apply what I can. Nothing serious, just a few basic steps to help with my eating habits. But since I really love to eat, I try in the smallest ways to slowly make a difference in my meals.

My kunwari cheat sheet to dieting for those who don’t want to diet. Or just some tips for those who always binge.

  1. Don’t drink alcohol on the weekdays. Or at least choose two days of the week where you allow yourself to drink.
  2. Drink a glass of water (or two) before all meals.
  3. Rice whatever you want for breakfast, half or no rice lunch and dinner. I noticed though that this can drop weight immensely and put you in a bad mood when you don’t get enough. So better if you have a bit in every meal or choose complex carbs like potatoes and pasta over rice.
  4. Avoid junk food and fast food. Lessening this has made me feel better and so much lighter. I think I’ve only eaten fast food less than five times this year which is a huge feat for me. I love hot shots. It’s still a struggle when it comes to junk food because I love eating chips while drinking. Then there’s Yan-yan and Hello Panda too.
  5. Eat more vegetables. I only really started eating a lot last year and I’m happy that I’ve gotten more used to it.
  6. Cereals for merienda/before dinner.
  7. In case you feel that you really can’t not have rice, eat a load of your ulam first and get yourself a bit stuffed before adding the rice.
  8. Don’t skip meals. Unless of course you’re on a strict diet plan that’s been tried and tested. But on a regular basis, don’t.

This isn’t an ideal diet plan for anyone really, but since i’m struggling with the idea of it, these are the things I tried doing on my own to help cut down on the food I eat. I still eat a lot of carbs on some days, sneak in some chips and occasionally desserts too, but the best thing about making this small effort is that I’ve become more conscious of my food. I have yet to achieve better eating habits, but it’s a start.

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