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Your average girly-tomboy from Manila who loves to eat, workout, travel, take photos and dress up.

After college Dan started working in the video production industry as a producer. She stayed here for almost three years and later on decided to concentrate on managing her clothing business, Common Ware, alongside her partner Anton Medalla.

She occasionally makes accessories, which has been a hobby of hers as a child. Before she graduated, she first worked on her own accessory business called Fellow, but today she concentrates on working on one of a kind statement pieces which she now puts under Daniela Gamboa Designs.

Today, Daniela still does her clothing line and accessories, but also works as Bride and Breakfast’s Managing Editor.

This blog will serve as a venue for her to express and share her life experiences, new learnings, dreams, and many hobbies and interests, which she hopes readers will enjoy and learn from as well. Indulge yourself in a bit of travel, #danielaeats, fitness, beauty and random whatnots she encounter in her every life.