nail salon: cosmoluxe

I love exploring different nail salons and finding good ones I can rely on for good service and relaxing vibe. My go-to’s are Coco Nail Salon along Don Jesus Boulevard in Alabang Hills and Tips and Toes in Westgate because they have good polish, good workmanship, clean salons and are peaceful and relaxing. I’ve also tried Dashing Diva in the Fort which I really liked, but since it’s far from my place I don’t really go there often.

The other day I tried out Cosmoluxe Nail and Beauty Studio because I couldn’t get a reservation in the other two. It’s located in #13 President’s Avenue Corner Rufino Avenue, ParaƱaque, just right outside Tahanan Village.

Before going I decided to check some reviews online and didn’t find much, but I saw their Facebook page and the workmanship looked okay in their photos so I tried it out.

Upon entering and seeing the place I was reminded of Coco Nail Studio so I got a little excited. The vibe and decors are similar to those of Coco, piano was playing in the background, and the salon looked clean and smelled good.

2016-01-13 15.28.09 - edited.jpg

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