#danielaeats: gaggan

There was a lot of hesitation when Anton and I were asked if we wanted to join the Gaggan dinner for our Bangkok trip. For one, I was planning on a budget trip, with street food and Chatuchak in mind. I’m also not a big fan of Indian food, though I do enjoy some curry once in a while. Gaggan’s a degustation of progressive Indian food, and is a far cry from my street food budget. I really had to think it through.


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bits of bohol: bellevue

Last weekend’s quick getaway was spent in Panglao, Bohol to witness the binding of two very special people. It was a four-day vacation under the sun with friends and batchmates whom I barely get to see nowadays, surrounded by the wonderful people and beautiful scapes of the island.

For this trip, my friends and I booked at The Bellevue Bohol. While the wedding to attend was in South Palms Resort, we were not able to make a booking there due to the limited rooms that were left. Luckily Bellevue came up, and we were able to get a good deal for the Premier Suite that fit all eight of us.

Would you take a look at how gorgeous this hotel is?

2016-04-21 15.32.28 - edited.jpg
This photo was taken in Bellevue’s beach front. They have rafts that you can go to by the beach.

2016-04-21 11.03.44 - edited

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#danielaeats: cafe voila

Forgive me for going a little photo crazy in this post; it’s hard not to shoot a lot when you’re in Cafe Voila where everything’s Instagrammable–from the unique miniature figurines, brightly coloured Balinese lamps, multi-colored goblets, recycled placemats, and beautifully printed material on the couches and pillows, to their well curated food presentations, utensils and kitchenware. The place feels very homey and artistic, a very comfortable place to enjoy a good meal with the cold breeze of Tagaytay.

2016-01-06 12.38.01 - edited

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